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“Small Crew and Smart Production Bring Diving Destinations To Life”

Up To 13 Exciting New Episodes Annually

From local shoots to others half-way around the world, DDTV has a formula for successfully presenting dive sites and travel destinations in a realistic way. Viewers glean useful information while being entertained. Participants get exposed to our niche audience of savvy travelers.

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Herb Segars

Sonny & Helen McAlpin

Stephen E. Benjamin

Mark Stanton

A love of the sea and enthusiasm for the sport of scuba steered him towards his vocation. In 1986 He created Divers Down™ Television Series as a way to bring others to scuba diving vicariously.

Dedicated to bringing you realistic sport diving adventures, Mark designs each show to reflect what an average diver might encounter if he or she visited the same site. His aim is to bring more people to the sport by showing the fun aspects of diving rather than the more typical high risk, dangerous side of things. Scuba diving is a safe and exciting activity available to almost anyone.

Mark handles field production and is also our number one underwater videographer. On location he is responsible for directing the entire crew, making sure we go home with the footage needed to build a show. In the edit suite Mark writes the scripts and edits the programs on the latest video editing hardware.

For his efforts series producer Mark Stanton was honored as a DIVER OF THE YEAR award recipient from New York's 'Beneath The Sea' show. It is with great pleasure that he is able to bring you the hit TV series Divers Down, each week.


Jill Stanton

Actively involved with the program from day one, she’s an integral part of the production process. Jill is our key surface videographer, quite often 'getting the shot' in some very difficult situations.

Whether it's climbing down a 300 foot ravine over snow and ice, hanging over the bow of a fast moving charter boat, wading in 'chest-highs' to make a kayaker look 'up-close', or climbing the Rockies for a cutaway of a mountain goat, Jill has met the challenge. We've seen some funny shades of green on her face in high seas, bright reds after too much sun in the Tropics, but never a complaint from Jill - well almost never!

Believe it or not Jill is not a diver. She does enjoy snorkeling when the water is warm, but her skills in television production make her a true asset to the company.


Dan Orr

Dan Orr is the President of Divers Alert Network and host of our hit segment "The DAN Minute." An extensive background in scuba diving instruction paved the way for Orr to be offered his position
at the worlds' leading organization for dive research and safety.

His ability to connect with divers of all levels make him the perfect host for this segment. The fact that his name is Dan didn't hurt either. His friendly disposition and 'down-to-earth' demeanor are a perfect fit for the Divers Down™ Television style.


Aaron Faulls

An SSI/PADI Instructor for 5 years and a New England diver for 15, Aaron has been principle cameraman on aquatic locations as unique as the Charles River Basin and serene as The Cayman Islands. His work has
appeared on regional programming and networks such as MTV, The Sailing Channel and The Water Channel. He has served as director of underwater cinematography on several recent documentaries, including All Points Of The Compass: Community Boating, directed by the critically-acclaimed Italian filmmaker Franco Sacchi.

Aaron has joined DDTV on numerous productions from Boston Harbor to Australia. His personality is as big an asset as his shooting skills.


Mike Manfredi

Michael Manfredi has been diving since 1978, and has been involved in the dive industry for over 20 years.  Mike graduated from PADI International College in 1985, and was owner of Aquarius Diving Center located in Buzzards Bay, MA before embarking on other pursuits.

He has experience in many aspects of the dive industry including teaching as a master instructor, shipwreck salvager and researcher, commercial diver, guiding tours around the world, sales, service, underwater and surface photography and videography.

Mike has assisted for many years with the underwater videography of Divers Down TV.  His shop was once featured on the show as well.  Mike's daughter Nichole has inherited her father's love for the water and is a certified diver. It is always a pleasure to have Mike as part of the crew with his great stories and sense of humor.


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