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The World Keeps Getting Smaller, and smaller, and  . . .

Who knew when we first started producing Divers Down™ TV more than a quarter century ago what sort of reach, delivery, and longevity we’d eventually achieve? At 6:00 pm on Saturday, October 4, 1986 Divers Down broadcast for the very first time. The venue was New England Sports Network (NESN), then a fledgling regional sports  carrier delivered by subscription to less than 150,00 homes in six states. Our debut program featured a dive on the wreck of the Horatio Hall off of Cape Cod. The very first advertiser was a gruff old timer named Diver Jim, who ran a dive shop in Belmont, MA. That was exciting stuff.

All these years later and we’re still going strong. As we grow, the world seems to shrink, especially when it comes to communications and connectivity. Traditional models for reaching audiences are constantly bolstered by new media, social and otherwise. That said, TV is still king, and our media is the message. Nothing promotes scuba diving like Divers Down TV’s simple and entertaining content featuring ‘Worldwide Underwater Adventure Travel’.

Letters and messages arrive all the time from viewers hailing from the US, Canada, Europe, Oceania, and even Africa. It’s our pleasure to be able to share the wonders of the underwater world with so many interested folks. Some are active divers, but many are divers-in-the-making, eagerly looking forward to strapping on their own equipment and dive right in. The water’s fine people – why not come and join us?


Mark Stanton

Executive Producer /  Host


Host Mark Stanton says . . .

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